Strandska and our services

At Strandska we are driven by the aspiration to develop world-class leaders by increasing their capacity, both in skills, self-awareness and transformative power. Through challenging their mindsets and self-imposed limitations their potential will get liberated and help them to take on bigger and more complex challenges.

 SKF and Strandska have developed a global leadership program called Manage, Lead and Coach, which works to perfection for both line- and project managers. Thomas Andersson is a head global facilitator for the Manage, Lead and Coach program for SKF and runs their train-the-trainer program.

 Strandska's ultimate goal? To empower leaders to believe in and transform themselves, their organizations and maybe society. 

Manage, Lead, and Coach

A complete global leadership program designed to further enhance the skills and intellectual capacity to meet and overcome any business challenges, and turn them into successful and sustainable results.

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Leadership coaching

Expand your leadership capacity in identifying, designing, implementing, and managing changes within your company. Learn how to empower others through your leadership, and. ...

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Management Team Development

An effective and strategic program aimed to further enhance your management teams’ abilities to be strategic, effective, and high-performing. Further increase teams’

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Leadership coaching for transformation

A powerful process created to further increase the level of self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-image. The result is enhanced leadership capacity ...

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Business and People Transformation

Forward-thinking strategies to identify areas of transformation. Learn how to in parallel transform processes, engage people in developing their competencies, and ultimately remove limitations

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Feedback skills for development

SKF and Strandska are in the middle of creating a cutting edge virtual classroom program that will help individuals and teams within an organization how to give and receive feedback.

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