Our methodology evokes and visualizes your unique potential.

With the help of the coaching approach and a foundation of powerful values, we create space for transformation of individuals as well as work teams and organizations. Transformation equals profound change.

It is not a step up, it elevates you straight to the next level.

Learning and brain research

Research shows which principles and phases a training setup must build on to provide maximum learning for course participants. Our courses therefore always include reading material before the course start, video clips, reminders and key theory, coaching / tutorials, feedback loops and development tasks.
Action-based learning

Building on the principle that participants solve real, important problems and at the same time develop their abilities by being forced to act and think critically about the outcome of action. Knowledge is added incrementally, and probing questions that lead to insight are encouraged.
Measurable behavioral changes

The municipal councils and the civil service organization needed to be in synch and in unison. The task was to find a common view of the current situation in the organization, and to focus on what worked well instead of seeing problems and limitations. The process also aimed at increasing awareness and the need to create a red thread in the workflow.
The coaching approach

A coaching approach is based on a humble attitude towards customers, namely that they themselves are the experts of their own lives, their organization and their challenges. Working from a coaching mindset is about supporting clients, with the help of precise questions, to explore their own challenges, ambitions, and in finding solutions
Individual transformation

Our tools and skills will lead to transformation of the individual or the team. Transformation equals pervasive change – not a step forward, but elevating directly to the next level, as well as making every effort to establish the new level. By developing the participants’ personal capacity through transformation, we facilitate practicing the insights and methods of the course in everyday life.
The potential, the troll and the observer

Through an approach oriented towards potential and focus, participants’ capacity is released step by step during the training process. Development theory states that it is most powerful to make strengths, qualities, progress, etc. visible before weaknesses and “the troll” (resistance) are tackled. Participants’ ability to observe the dynamics and patterns as well as listen beyond words is key.
Self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of self

In parallel with developing the participants ‘skills in our training, their self-esteem, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-image develop and strengthen. We call it the 4 Aces. This development process we know as transformation. During transformation, the potential is released and newly acquired skills can be used optimally at the new capacity level.
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